Monna Giovannella Farm was born out of a shared passion for craftsmanship, respect for the land, and quality products. We are dedicated to making the finest products possible, combining the latest techniques with a deep sense of tradition.

    History & Tradition

    The farm Monna Giovannella and its villa of the 16th century are deeply anchored in the history of the territory. They belonged to the family Peruzzi during their residence in Antella, a village just outside Florence.

    Marriage of Tradition and Modernity

    Hand-harvested, the biological olives are immediately cold-pressed. The oil so obtained is then preserved under argon. All these techniques allow to durably protect the properties of the olive oil.

  • Costa Ligure

    A dedicated factory, over 500 tons of fresh vegetables processed each year from May to October, selected and analyzed daily. All this to get to a unique result:

    constantly fresh products that maintain their best characteristics in the course of time.

    The production of organic and natural food arises from the simple need to respect our origins. For us good and the healthy food is Vital.


    Innovation and Quality

    Even the best product packaged with the best ingredients is killed by pasteurization.

    25 years ago, starting with this idea, we invented and developed a unique technology, first patented and then certified.

    The intuition that makes us unique? Decreasing the amount of water inside the leaves of the plants, so as to avoid nourishing bacterial forms and ensure a long shelf life.

    We can guarantee over time the freshness, the colour and the aroma of our products for more than two years in jar.


    The story of La Vecchia dispensa began four generations ago, when the Pelloni family started aging Balsamic Vinegar in precious wooden barrels in the family home in Piazza della Dama. In the small artisan workshop on the ground floor, the grape must was cooked with its sweet, penetrating aromas filling the square.

    The oldest vinegar barrels were kept as treasure in the Acetaia, under the roof.

    Nowadays, these old barrels are protected by stone walls in the centuries-old Prisoner Tower, facing the Dama square.

    Every set of Balsamic Vinegar barrels tells us a story that always begins with a woman’s name. Thus we go back in time, to when the prestige of a family was measured by the number of barrels. Family women, grandmothers, aunts, great-grandmothers were strong and tenacious like the wood of the barrels, but sweet and scented like their precious content. But, first and foremost, they are mothers capable of generating life, like the precious “Mothers” of the Balsamic.

    Essentially, what is Balsamic Vinegar? It is the tireless search for harmonious aromas passed down from generation to generation, a miraculous balance that only the alchemy of time and the tenacious men’s expert touch can create.

  • Antico Pastificio Morelli

    The secret lies in the wheat germ

    The ancient Morelli Pasta Factory, founded in 1860, is a family-run enterprise. The fifth generation of the Morelli family, siblings Lucia, Antonio and Marco, manage the company today preserving its traditions.

    Throught years of using the wheat germ ingredient, the ancient Morelli Pasta Factory has succeeded in obtaining a pasta with a unique and delicious taste.

    Whear germ is the heart of wheat’s grain, rich in flavour and nourishing active ingredients. The germ is normally removed in order to improve flour conservation but MORELLI, through artisanal techniques, successfully adds the fresh wheat germ into the mixture, obtaining a different pasta, that tastes good even when served with just a trickle of olive oil.

    An intense wheat aroma is released during cooking and the water turns slightly green.


  • San Nicola dei Miri

    Le Conserve San Nicola dei Miri nascono dall'idea di realizzare un laboratorio di conserve artigianali di frutta, verdure ed ortaggi, lavorati secondo le ricette ed i metodi antichi appresi e custoditi dalla tradizione di famiglia. La scelta delle materie prime ricade su prodotti freschi di raccolto e di primissima qualità;, tutte le preparazioni sono realizzate seguendo le ricette dell'ultra ottantenne nonna Lucia, preparazioni e segreti che oggi Maria custodisce e trasmette alle ragazze che la affiancano nella produzione. I barattoli sono scrupolosamente riempiti a mano, controllati uno per uno e privi di conservanti artificiali affinché si possa ritrovare in essi il sapore autentico ed il profumo dell'orto.

  • Pasta Gentile

    The Zampino family is committed every day, with passion and dedication, to convey in the company’s products the spirit of tradition, the value of authenticity and the rediscovery of the food excellence that is at the basis of the carefully selected raw materials.


    The Pasta Gentile factory, of old tradition, still preserves, in the world of advanced technologies, the traditional methods of production used in Gragnano, always known as the “city of pasta”.  The small Gentile factory pursues its mission: to provide a top quality product by using the finest semolina and the low-temperature drying. They made, also, a targeted choice: the use of 100% Italian grain. The combination of slow drying in the traditional method “Cirillo” and the high quality of semolina, enhances its perfume, its taste and the tenacity of the pasta in all its formats, while making it unique.


    The Zampino family has also created an artisanal laboratory for preserves, San Nicola dei Miri, to treat vegetables and fruits according to old receipts and methods learned and kept since several generations. The choice of the raw materials is rigorous: only fresh product, collected when ready. All the preparations are made with the receipts of the ultra-octogenarian grandmother Lucia, still kept secret by nowadays. The pots are carefully filled by hand and each one is controlled. They do not use artificial preservatives so that we can find the true perfume and the true taste of the fruits and vegetables in the pots.



  • Pradler

    Our logo is associated with the Bear, the emblem of Biella. We added Four-leaf clover there, as an amulet for all those which buy or receive our products.

    Pradler is an artisanal small company of the area of Biella, born from the passion of our grandmother. This passion became our business and perpetuates our traditions and our know-how

    Our Extra Jams and our Compotes are manufactured starting from the rigorously selected fruits of our production, cultivated in the respect the environment, treated only with plant health products authorized by the organic farming, and collected with maturity to offer to the consumer products of top quality. The ingredients used all are certified ORGANIC, without pectin, dyes, chemical flavours nor preserving. Our products contain only fruits, a lot of fruit, washed, peeled, handy-stoned and cooked at low temperature in order to preserve all the nutritive and organoleptic properties of them.

  • Caffe La Tosteria
  • Leo Vanin Settolo
  • Casa del Dolce
  • Mieli Thun
  • Scalia & Oliva
  • Donna Francesca
  • Cascina Oschiena
  • Kazzen
  • Nocciole d'Elite
  • 993 - Caseificio Cavola
  • Artigiana Funghi di Belmonte
  • Sapori Antichi
  • Zellino Prodotti da Forno
  • Nocciola Golosa
  • Salumi De Stefani
  • Artigian Quality
  • Salumi De Stefani
  • Pastificio Nicola Russo
  • Inaudi
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