il manifesto Bussola Del Gusto

Have a memory of good things

The sensation of taste is powerful. It goes beyond sensations and leaves traces, hiding somewhere in our memories.
It has the power to make memories come back to surface. As Proust has described in his “la Madeleine”, the memory of taste is also the memory of a moment of life. Memory lost, memory found, moments of grace… thanks to taste.
If you have not yet had an experience of taste, you have no trace.
It is important to learn how to taste starting from original good products, a promise of a nice memory building!

Take your time to live the moment

It takes time to cultivate and harvest nice products, even more to transform them in good food. Taking time to sit at the table and taste good products means respect for the product itself and for yourself as well. Honour them and honour yourself. This phylosophy is very close to « Slow Food » movement, whose roots are in Italy, Piemonte, founded during 1980s with the aim of defending regional traditions, good food, gastronomic pleasure and a slow pace of life.

Some products of our selections are labelled « Slow Food », others not yet. La Bussola del Gusto, in her way and through a precise selection, speaks in favour of this art of living that leaves time to time !

Manisfesto saveurs

To savour the taste and the history of authentic products

La Bussola del Gusto core business is the discovery of the authentic product. Ancient, traditional or totally innovative products, the ones proposed carry their truth and an authentic savoir-faire.

They are rare products very often, artisanal tradition, sold in small quantities and usually in their local area of production. We love those producers without compromise with quality. They are passionate, and many among them have also another profession, to allow themselves full dedication to their passion !

To share happy moments  …

There is a lot of self-sacrifice in eating well. The one of the producer, the one of the chef, the one of our host who prepares the table for us. And there is a lot of pleasure in receiving.

The kitchen creates many links. It connects people in the very moment, as it was in the old times. It is the instant of sharing.

Giving value to this daily act, even in the simplest way, adds a bit of joy to life. Eating well lets you and the others augment happiness!